Officially Forty


On February 1, 1970, when Nebraskans for Peace first filed its articles of incorporation with the Nebraska Secretary of State, no one could have predicted that this fledgling anti-war group would one day become the oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization in the entire country.

An even ‘redder’ state then than we are today, set smack in the heart of middle America, Nebraska was the last place anyone would have expected a ‘peace organization’ to emerge and then endure.

And yet, here we are, officially forty February first—and still toiling to get our voice heard (and working to influence the hearts and minds of our Husker neighbors).

NFP has changed a lot in the intervening decades… 

Most of our founders are either elderly or deceased, and the typewriter and mimeograph have been replaced with the laptop and our new state-of-the-art website:

…But the drive to create a more peaceful and just world for all of us (including the earth and its plant and animal inhabitants) is as strong as ever.

After forty years, NFP is now a proud part of Nebraska’s heritage. And with your continued help, we mean to keep building on that legacy for a good forty more. 

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March 4th 2010

Matt Gregory - Keep making Nebraska proud you guys!