Join Bill McKibben in Omaha June 17th

Internationally renowned global warming activist and writer Bill McKibben (visit Democracy Now! for a recent interview) will lead a protest over the use of coal energy Thursday morning June 17 in downtown Omaha.  The 11:00 a.m. protest will be held in front of the Union Pacific’s corporate headquarters at 14th and Douglas Streets to spotlight Nebraska’s leading role in the transport of this dirty and deadly energy.

Author of the first book to address the global warming threat, The End of Nature (1989), McKibben has been sounding the alarm about fossil fuels and carbon emissions for over two decades.  He is the founder of, the worldwide campaign to cap carbon dioxide particles in the atmosphere at 350 parts per million.  The website features a host of internationally acclaimed “350 Messengers” warning of the precarious spike in greenhouse gas emissions, including NASA climatologist James Hansen, U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chair Rajendra Pachauri (who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore) and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The hour-long protest at the U.P. headquarters is being jointly sponsored by Nebraskans for Peace, the Nebraska Green PartyPhysicians for Social Responsibility and to coincide with the upcoming Senate debate over the legislative climate proposal to tax fossil fuels.

Plan now on participating in this critically important Nebraska effort to focus more national attention on the dangers of coal. As UNO Professor Bruce Johansen notes in a recent article, coal is the linchpin of global warming, exacerbating climate change and (according to the Pentagon’s 2010 “Quadrennial Defense Review”) international instability and conflict.  The more the climate warms, the more war there will be.  Preserving this fragile ecosystem in which we make our home goes to the very heart of peacemaking.  If we are ever to have ‘Peace on Earth,’ we must—in Al Gore’s words—stop “waging war on the planet.” 

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June 6th 2010

Mark - I'll be there!

June 14th 2010

Brian - I guess this protest makes sense, once you abandon science and buy into the contrived falsehood of global warming. Rather than seeking 30 seconds of local news air time, you might actually try doing the Earth some good and use your time and talents to assist cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf.

June 14th 2010

Sam - Brian is right on . . . or find gainful employment developing alternative energy solutions . . .

June 16th 2010

RRER - How did Nebraskans for Peace generate the electrons used to create and post this web page? Did you do it strictly with solar or wind-generated power? Or are you hooked up to NPPD or OPPD's grid? If so, you're as much a part of this so-called problem as anybody else.