at the Nebraska Public Power District's 'Open House'
Thursday, April 26 at  5:30 p.m.
Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln (the corner of 13th & M Streets)

Nebraskans for Peace has wholeheartedly endorsed this rally organized by the Nebraska Sierra Club and the national Sierra Club's 'Beyond Coal Campaign' and co-sponsored by Nebraska Farmers Union, Center for Rural Affairs, Nebraska Wildlife Federation and the Nebraska League of Women Voters.

PLAN NOW to attend the 5:30 p.m. rally

(and then visit the NPPD 'open house' inside the Cornhusker Hotel to urge them to support renewable energy or contact NPPD by email at:  GOAinput@nppd.com )


Below is the statement sent out by the Nebraska Sierra Club promoting this rally.

Imagine you have $1.5 billion to invest in energy. Do you spend it on clean and affordable Nebraska wind or dirty and costly Wyoming coal?

That's the decision facing Nebraskans -- and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is close to making that decision for you, making a risky and costly $1.5 billion bet on dirty coal. Investing more money in dirty coal sends our hard-earned money out of state, despite the fact that Nebraska has the 4th best wind resource in the country, but ranks only 25th in installed wind capacity, well behind all six states that border us.

Don't let Nebraska fall farther behind our neighbors: tell NPPD to stop favoring Wyoming coal over Nebraska wind.

NPPD is owned by the Nebraska ratepayers like you and me, but they appear to be pushing to keep Nebraska dependent upon risky, polluting coal imported from Wyoming. Continued investment in coal sends Nebraska dollars to Wyoming, prevents development of the state's best energy resource, and keeps Nebraska tied to the increasing financial, environmental, and public health costs of coal.

Nebraska wind is the cheaper and cleaner option. NPPD's own polling shows Nebraskans want more wind energy. The development of Nebraska's vast wind energy resource would deliver significant economic benefits and jobs, especially to rural portions of the state, and have public health benefits statewide.

Tell NPPD -- Put Nebraska fuels first and make Nebraska a clean energy leader!

With your help, we can put the public back in Nebraska public power and ensure that Nebraskans benefit from a clean energy future.

Ken Winston
Chapter Policy Advocate
Sierra Club

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