Reduce Pentagon Spending and End the Afghanistan War

The following URGENT ACTION request was sent to us from our national affiliate organization, Peace Action. Please take a moment to contact your local representative so we can do what it takes to reduce Pentagon spending and end the Afghanistan War.

Every year Congress has two chances to reduce Pentagon waste through the appropriations and authorization bills. Next week the House will vote on its version of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Email your Representative now to reduce Pentagon spending.

As it stands, the bill would authorize $521.3 billion plus approximately $80 billion for the Afghanistan War and other unrelated Pentagon expenditures that are funded in a separate Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. Next week, your Representative may offer or support amendments that will cut wasteful Pentagon pork.

There will only be a short time next week when we will know exactly what amendments the Republican leadership will allow to be voted on so please write your Representative today.

We expect amendments that will:

*End the Afghanistan War as soon as possible — it’s time to bring all troops and contractors home and to not leave any behind after this year.
*Cut the OCO slush fund — Last year it funded some $30 billion of unrelated items.
*Cut the F-35 — the most expensive plane and Pentagon project in history.
*Audit the Pentagon — The Pentagon is the only part of the Government that cannot pass an audit.
*Cut the Littoral Combat Ship — experts say it will cost over three times the original estimate.
*Reduce General's Pensions — currently they are allowed to make MORE in retirement than when working.
*Cut the M1 Abrams Tank — the Pentagon doesn’t even want it.
*Reduce the Nuclear Triad — Without the Cold War we cannot afford to upgrade all the nuclear weapon delivery systems while we significantly reduce our stockpile.
*Cut overseas military bases and support a Base Realignment and Closure Commission — There are over 1,000 U.S. military bases abroad including those in countries who can afford their own security. Within the U.S. there are bases that the Pentagon doesn’t want.

Again please take time NOW to write your Representative to cut the Pentagon budget so we can afford other priorities like job creation, education and infrastructure.

Humbly for Peace,
Paul Kawika Martin
Political Director
Peace Action

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