NFP Resolution on the Violence-Prone Tenor of the Presidential Candidates

The Nebraskans for Peace State Board has issued the following statement in support of a more rational presidential campaign. It is our hope that the primary campaign in Nebraska will be conducted in an orderly and respectful manner, consonant with the goals of our organization:

Nebraskans for Peace is appalled by the surging violence in this campaign. The idea behind elections is that all parties listen to the evidence and arguments of each candidate and make a rational decision as to what is best for the common good. The idea of allowing protests is that we make our best decisions when we are confronted by arguments on both sides of an idea, together with the evidence for the arguments. We denounce the tone and tenor of many of the election rallies, especially the advice by some of the candidates that people in the audience should smash the faces of those who oppose them, the throwing out of opponents from meetings, the appeals to racism, sexism, and xenophobia, and the efforts to pit groups of Americans against each other. We call on all candidates to ask their supporters to speak moderately, rationally, and peacefully in debates – private and public – about U.S. policy and to respect the human rights and capacity for rational discourse of other human beings, even those who disagree with us. Nebraskans for Peace is the oldest state wide peace organization in the country, and the tenor of this election opposes everything we stand for.

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