A Salute to Loyal and Mary Alice Park

How a miniscule Nebraska anti-war group, founded in 1970, endured to become what is now ‘the oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization in the entire U.S.’ is nothing short of miraculous. Luck unquestionably played a hand. But it’s also taken the pluck of generations of activists, laboring diligently year after year, to ensure Nebraskans for Peace’s longevity. And in our storied 42-year-long history, no member household has been more responsible for NFP’s survival than that of Loyal and Mary Alice Park.

Between the two of them, they are the epitome of Nebraskans for Peace activists. Members virtually from the organization’s founding, Loyal early on served as the treasurer for the State Board of Directors while Mary Alice worked as the State Office Manager from 1975-85. In the early ’90s, Loyal was instrumental in the establishment of the tax-exempt “Nebraska Peace Foundation” to fund NFP’s educational activities. Today, Loyal is still serving as the Foundation’s president, overseeing the operation of this tax-exempt entity that annually grants funds to NFP. And the Park household has matched this unstinting record of volunteer service with an equally generous stream of financial donations to both the Foundation and NFP.

Their labor of love for Nebraskans for Peace, however (and it is labor, given the countless hours of work involved) is the annual production and marketing of the “Cat Lovers Against the Bomb Calendar.” Now in its 29th consecutive year, the “CLAB Calendar” is a veritable work of art that each year brings international attention to NFP—as well of thousands of dollars of dearly needed revenue.

It is literally impossible to place a price tag on the contribution Loyal and Mary Alice have made to Nebraskans for Peace and the Nebraska Peace Foundation with their time and money. In 2000, the NFP State Board honored the two of them as “Peacemakers of the Year” for a lifetime of service to the organization. But that was now 12 years ago—and their freely given labor and donations have just kept coming. So another salute is in order to recognize the commitment, generosity and unremitting diligence of NFP’s foremost household, whose record of service to the organization is every bit as storied as the organization itself.

Thank you, Loyal. Thank you, Mary Alice. We’re forever in your debt.

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