Tell Senators to Say 'NO' to LB 405

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013, the Revenue Committee of the Nebraska Legislature will be holding a hearing on the first of the governor's tax overhaul bills. LB 405, introduced by Senator Beau McCoy on behalf of the governor, would eliminate corporate and individual income tax. Tax revenue lost to the state from the income tax, would be made up by eliminating an array of current tax exemptions such as those allowed for non-profit organizations, religious organizations, prescription drugs, medical equipment (including oxygen, mobility devices and prosthetics), hospital rooms, dorm rooms, agricultural seed, machinery and chemicals, and others.

If you would like to contact the Revenue Committee regarding this bill, committee members are:

Senator Galen Hadley, Committee Chair: (402) 471-2726,
Senator Tom Hansen: (402) 471-2729,
Senator Burke Harr: (402) 471-2722,
Senator Charlie Janssen: (402) 471-2625,
Senator Beau McCoy: (402) 471-2885, (the bill's introducer)
Senator Pete Pirsch: (402) 471-2621,
Senator Paul Schumacher: (402) 471-2715,
Senator Kate Sullivan: (402) 471-2631,

Here is a link to the bill:

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