Tell the Senate: Vote No on the Pentagon Slush Fund

The following is a message from our friends at Peace Action.

You’ll remember from last week that the annual defense policy setting ritual is happening in the Senate this week and for once there is significant opposition building.

We need to fuel that opposition.

Can you call today and ask your Senators to vote no on all the Pentagon bills like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?

This year’s NDAA spends $612 billion and the sheer bravado of bad policymaking in the bill is unprecedented.

I know what you’re thinking: “Aren't bad defense bills loaded with Pentagon pork all too usual?”

That’s very true. But this year the bill is so off the rails that the president has threatened a veto and many Democrats are speaking out against the bill.

The number one target for the bill’s critics is that the bill busts Congress's own spending caps through budget trickery. The bill would allow the Pentagon to spend an extra $38 billion – on top of an already bloated budget – through the “Overseas Contingency Operations" fund (OCO) designed to fund military emergencies.

The Pentagon is using this special account as a slush fund to fund pet projects. Meanwhile, the Republicans want to keep the budget caps on all domestic spending. This would cause brutal cuts to many critical domestic programs like education, infrastructure and the environment while the Pentagon gets its slush fund.

We expect the bills to be voted on very soon in the Senate. Will you ask your Senators to vote no? Pick up the phone now and CALL YOUR SENATORS! Click HERE to find your Senators.

We need as many Senators to vote no on these bill as possible. We expect that the Defense Authorization and Appropriations bills will be voted on as soon as today.

Please call both your Senators today! FIND THEM HERE and ask that they vote NO on all the Pentagon bills.

Please call today!

Humbly for Peace,
Paul Kawika Martin
Political Director
Peace Action

P.S. Call your both your Senators today and urge them to oppose the Pentagon slush fund by voting against all the Pentagon bills. Then, forward this important email to everyone you know.

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