We need to keep turning up the heat on our elected officials. Attend these citizen events associated with the Special Legislative Session. This information is provided by our friends at Bold Nebraska.

The timeline is tight at the Capitol, and there are crucial days when we need citizens showing up and speaking out.

Citizen Special Session

November 4th, Noon-4pm
Bold Nebraska is holding the following event to make sure you have all the tools you need to impact the end result of the special session. They’ll be discussing the process of a special session, bills that have been introduced, and what you can do to ensure no oil pipelines cross the Sandhills or the heart of the Ogallala. You will be visiting state senators’ offices as well. The meeting is only open to those who oppose the pipeline or those who want to change the route. Please RSVP to let them know you’re coming.

Public Hearings on Bills

November 7th-9th
Speaker Flood announced all the bills will have hearings next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The first hearing will be at 10am, November 7th on Dubas’ bill, which was referred to the Natural Resources Committee. We need a strong showing of citizens to testify (you will have 3 minutes). Please bring 10 copies of your testimony if possible to hand to committee members.

Be sure to check the Bold Nebraska's Special Session Resource page, they are posting regular updates on the special session and current actions on the Pipeline .

Thank you for being a pipeline fighter and an Ogallala Aquifer lover. Your letters, calls, and emails are making a difference. Keep it up so that our state officials, especially Governor Heineman, have no doubt where we stand...and that is with Randy.

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