New START Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in Peril ...UNLESS WE ACT QUICKLY

Despite the public support of every single one of StratCom’s ten past commanders (who have commanded America’s nuclear arsenal under both Republican and Democratic administrations), Senate Republicans are threatening to prevent ratification of the “New START” nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia.

Before the lame duck Senate adjourns next month, the Obama Administration needs eight Republican senators to vote with their 59 Democratic and Independent colleagues to get the two-thirds majority necessary for ratification.  But several Republican Senate leaders are stonewalling on a ratification vote until next year—all but guaranteeing that the treaty will be voted down.

The New START Treaty is far from controversial.  Negotiated with bi-partisan support, the treaty

  • cuts the U.S.’s and Russia’s nuclear stockpiles to 1,550 deployed warheads each
  • ensures verification with on-site inspections and data exchanges
  • replaces the original START Treaty (negotiated by Ronald Reagan), which expired a year ago, and
  • increases international security as it reduces the threat of accidental launch.

Failure to ratify the treaty will send the worst possible message to a world already facing the dangerous proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson has already publicly declared his support for the treaty.

Republican Senator Mike Johanns, though, has yet to signal his position.

With the clock ticking—and the time to act slipping away fast—it’s imperative we contact Senator Johanns and urge his support for this very reasonable, very modest nuclear arms reduction treaty.

Under the terms of the treaty, both the U.S. and Russia will still retain sufficient firepower to end civilization as we know it multiple times over.  That the accord has the blessing of both the Pentagon and the leadership of StratCom guarantees that there’s nothing too chancy about the agreement.

Senate repudiation of the treaty, however, will constitute a huge setback for international non-proliferation efforts—and risks loosing the nuclear genie all over the globe.

With the headquarters for America’s nuclear arsenal in his home state, Senator Johanns commands a great deal of influence with this Republican peers in the Senate.

Take this opportunity to give his Senate offices a brief phone call and urge his public support for the New START Treaty.

The dangers of defeat are too hideous to even ponder.


Sen. Mike Johanns
Senate Russell Courtyard 1
Washington, DC 20510
402-476-1400 (Lincoln)
402-758-8981 (Omaha)
308-632-6295 (Scottsbluff)

Click here to read the Huffington Post article about the StratCom commanders’ unanimous support for the New START Treaty.

Should you want even more information before you make your call, read this document prepared by the “Arms Control Association” that rebuts the arguments of critics:  Eleven Reasons to Support New START: Responses to Treaty Critics

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