NFP Statement on Arrest of STRATCOM Protesters

For well over a decade, Nebraskans for Peace has publicly supported the Catholic Worker protests of StratCom’s nuclear and space war missions—including the nonviolent civil disobedience trespass of protesters onto Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue to spotlight the peril these missions pose to life on earth. This past December 27, however, an individual with connections to the Des Moines Catholic Worker community, as a protest, destroyed some property at Northrop Grumman, a private military contractor working directly with StratCom.

Nebraskans for Peace had no advance knowledge of this action—nor do we condone such property destruction, as it runs counter to our organizational policy of nonviolence. While NFP shares the ethical, social and economic concerns defendant Jessica Reznicek raises about StratCom’s (and Northrop Grumman’s) activities in the statement reprinted below, willful destruction of property is not a political tactic Nebraskans for Peace advocates.

Nebraskans for Peace will continue to use all peaceful means to express its resistance to our country's increasingly dangerous militarism by ‘modernizing and improving’ its nuclear weapons and delivery systems. But we will also maintain our policy of peaceful protest.
-- Ron Todd-Meyer, NFP President

If you would like to hear what three of the four people charged with damaging the property of the military industrial complex have to say, and how this action may be used to promote peace, please join them at a potluck meal and conversations on Monday, January 25 and/or at the court hearings on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.


WHEN: Monday, January 25, 2016 starting at 6:00 p.m. (but join us any time)
WHERE: St. John’s Church on Creighton University Campus, In the basement, 2500 California Street, Omaha NE

Court hearing for all Four Defendants

WHEN: Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 1:30 p.m.
WHERE: Sarpy County Courthouse ( he Courthouse campus is located on the northeast corner of Hwy 370 & 84th Street in Papillion).

Learn more about Jessica Reznicek:
Links to 10 via pacis articles by Jess between March 2012 and July 2015:

For more information please contact one of the following people:

Frank Cordaro
Phil Berrigan CW House

Jerry Ebner
Catholic Worker in Omaha, NE

‘Hammer of Justice’ activist statement
By Jessica Reznicek
from the Sarpy County Jail, Papillion, NE, January 11, 2016

Hello everyone!

Thank you to all who are carrying me with them in heart and mind while I do this time here in Sarpy County Jail. It is felt deeply.

My spirit is strong these days, and I attribute this to the kindness surrounding me. Mostly I am grateful just simply to be alive and well, swinging my hammer of justice at Northrop Grumman/StratCom.

I stand today with fierce conviction for the nonviolent direct action I have taken against the Northrop Grumman property in Bellevue, NE on Dec. 27, 2015. I broke two windows and a door window out of the Northrop Grumman building that night in an effort to expose the details of the defense contracts currently held by Northrop Grumman with StratCom at Offutt AFB. Over the years billions of taxpayer dollars are pouring into the hands of these money-hungry, bomb-building, computer geek space war criminals.

I want to say now that I truly believe that the American people are done with war; done funding, killing and dying in U.S.-led wars and terrorism and are ready to pave a path to peace.

Some folks, even personal friends of mine, are questioning my property-destruction tactics at Northrop Grumman as one of a nonviolent nature. I refuse to delve too deeply into this conversation, for I believe the focus should rest primarily on Northrop Grumman & StratCom’s countless crimes against humanity. However, I will address a few small details of the events which occurred on the evening of Dec. 27th.

Yes, glass did shatter. It shattered like the illusion that Northrop Grumman holds human life in any way in its best interest. It shattered like the illusion Iraq ever possessed weapons of mass destruction. It shattered like the illusion Iraqis were involved in 9/11. It shattered like the lie that perpetual war will ever bring peace. Glass shattered in the name of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives taken when Northrop Grumman/StratCom’s direct bombs from space rained down upon them from space. I destroyed two windows and a door, yes! StratCom with its cooperate partner Northrop Grumman destroys life in the tens of thousands.

I did not swing my hammer blindly. Actually, quite the opposite. I swung only at windows whose blinds were pulled up, to ensure I would injure no one. Nor did I break either of the windows or door threatening a human being.

When the police arrived, my arresting officer (who I ended up adoring and would love to grab a beer with when this is all said and done) found me kneeling in the main entrance of the Northrop Grumman building, with my empty hands raised above my head. He first asked me to lift my coat slowly to make sure I had no bombs strapped to me. I was eager to cooperate. I was not feeling threatened by him and I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to convey to him that I had love and respect for him as a fellow human being.

Admittedly, however, I did shrug a little, considering the irony that Northrop Grumman has just recently been awarded a $55 billion contract to build a new long range U.S. bomber… and I am the one being checked for bombs.

That all being said, I suppose that what I am trying to say is I acted in accordance with my conscience and my spirit and that my property destruction was a useful form of nonviolent direct action. I do not stand in judgment of folks who feel uncomfortable using such methods. Nonetheless, I want to stand beside them, asking them to develop and apply their own means to expose the lies of Northrop Grumman & StratCom, be it through education, research, writing letters, public discussions, public vigils, rallies and marches and yes, even civil disobedience.

Blood is pouring through the streets of many nations in the Middle East. People are dying all over the globe, masses of human beings are being dislocated, and the environment is under attack; all this through our U.S.-led global war-making ways. There isn’t a continent on the planet free of a U.S. military presence; there are U.S. military bases in over a hundred countries. People all over the planet are resisting the U.S. global military presence in hundreds of places. I just returned from Jeju Island where Catholics and South Korean Peace activists are resisting a South Korean/U.S. Navy base being built.

We all have our part to play. Here in the heartland of America, we who seek peace must make efforts to dismantle the U.S. military dominance of space from the top down, by publicly and nonviolently resisting the joint Northrop Grumman & StratCom missions.

This is why I acted. You do not have to act as radical or dramatically as I did, but please make a statement in your own way against government-funded companies who focus on war and destruction.

Jessica Reznicek
Sarpy County Jai
l1208 Golden Gate Dr.
Papillion, NE 68046

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