Support Gun Control Bills in Congress

This past Wednesday, January 16, President Obama unveiled his legislative plan to curb gun violence. Drafted in the wake of the Newtown massacre, it is the most ambitious gun control initiative to come out of the White House in decades.

The president has sworn to personally take 23 executive actions to halt the gun culture epidemic that is afflicting our country. But the real substance of his proposed agenda will require congressional approval.

Specifically, under President Obama’s legislative initiative, Congress is being asked to act on several key components, ranging from stricter laws and heightened enforcement to increased education and prevention:

  • Requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales (including currently exempted purchases at gun shows from private sellers).
  • Reinstating and strengthening the ban on military-style assault weapons that was in place from 1994 to 2004.
  • Limiting ammunition magazines to ten rounds (and banning the possession of armor-piercing bullets by anyone other than members of the military and law enforcement.)
  • Strengthening penalties for those who sell guns to criminals.
  • Authorizing tens of millions of dollars in funding for greater gun law enforcement, gun violence research, education and intervention, and the development of emergency response plans.
  • Confirming his nominee, Todd Jones, as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (Congress has not confirmed an ATF director in six years, and doing so would improve the ability of that organization to help law enforcement in combating gun violence.)

Persuading the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to support the president’s agenda will not be easy. The NRA and its gun proponents have vowed to oppose it every foot of the way.

What we as individual citizens do to influence our federal representatives will be crucial to overcoming this resistance. The fate of this ambitious attempt to tamp down the gun violence in our country is literally in our hands.

To succeed, we are going to need to use our hands to reach for the phone, pick up a pen and write a letter, or type out an email message.

This is the best legislative opportunity on gun control peace activists are likely to see in our lifetimes. If the killings of school children cannot inspire our legislators to act, it’s hard to imagine what can.

Take matters in your hands. Make the call, write the letter, type the email and tell your congress member and senators that you support the president’s agenda.

For their office contact information click here.

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February 6th 2013

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