Time to Leave Afghanistan

Contact Your Congressional Member Today!

Peace Action, the national organization that Nebraskans for Peace is affiliated with, has issued the following action alert to all of their members. We encourage you to act now!

Every month there's a new disaster that shows the absurdity of the claim that keeping tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan is in the interests of Americans or of Afghans.

On Sunday, a U.S. Army sergeant shot and killed 16 innocent Afghan civilians. Nine of them were children; one was a 3-year-old girl. He killed many of the victims with a single shot to the head before he piled together 11 of the bodies and set them on fire. There is no way to measure the loss for the victims' families and no way to calculate the additional deaths of Americans, Afghans, and others that will follow this murderous act.

Last month, Muslim holy books were burned at a U.S. military base. The month before, a video showed U.S. soldiers urinating on the corpses of Afghans.

But even without these atrocities, there is no way to "win" this war--it is all in support of a vile, mafia-style, corrupt regime in Kabul, one that has no support in any part of Afghanistan and never will.

Will you urge your Representative in Congress to help end the war by co-sponsoring H. 780?

H. 780, introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee, would limit funding for the war to providing for the safe and orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan of all members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense contractors.

Call and send an email to your Representative. Congressional offices gauge support of a bill by counting calls and e-mails, and they don't cross-check them.

Let's use this massacre as a call to action and a way to embolden us as peacemakers. How many tears, how many prayers, how much violence will we both inflict and suffer before our nation ends this war?

Tell Congress, "It is time to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. Support H 780."

Thank you for all you do to help bring about a more peaceful world.

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