TAKE ACTION | Show Your Support for LB 543 and LB 485

There are two very important bills scheduled for public hearings this week in the Judiciary Committee. First, a bill to end the death penalty has been scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday, March 13th. Expert testimony has been lined up for the hearing, but our lawmakers need to hear from the most important voice: yours.

Send a message to your senator today in support of LB 543.

Show your support in person by watching the hearing at the Capitol on the 13th, and be sure to stop by your own senator's office and let him/her know you support ending the death penalty.

Second, on Thursday, Mar. 14, the Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on LB 485, to prohibit employment discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or marital status. We urge support for this bill which was introduced by Sen. Conrad. There is a great need for this bill, as there has been unfair discrimination occurring in the past; this gives some measure of income and job security. It is the right and just thing to do.

Your attendance and registration for the bill will be helpful. Tell the Committee to advance LB 485 to the floor. Committee members are:

Brad Ashford, Chair - bashford@leg.ne.gov
Steve Lathrop - slathrop@leg.ne.gov
Ernie Chambers - phone 402-471-2612
Mark Christensen - mchristensen@leg.ne.gov
Coby coash - ccoash@leg.ne.gov
Al Davis - adavis@leg.ne.gov
Amanda McGill - amcgill@leg.ne.gov
Les Seiler - lseiler@leg.ne.gov

Thank you for your support of LB543 and LB485!

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