Contact YOUR Senator and Ask them to Support LB 255 Human Trafficking Bill

Putting an end to human trafficking is a big priority for all of us. Let us support Senator Amanda McGill's effort to do just that with her bill LB 255. Contact your senator today and ask them to please support LB 255 on Human Trafficking. To find YOUR Senator's contact information, click HERE.

Important provisions contained in the bill include:

Section 1:
Adds trafficking to the definition of child abuse by stating, “ A person commits child abuse if he or she knowingly, intentionally, or negligently causes or permits a minor child to be…Placed in a situation to be a trafficking victim as defined in section 28-830.”

Section 2:
Provides an affirmative defense to the charge of prostitution under this section if a person was a victim of human trafficking or forced labor of services pursuant to sections 28-830 and 28-831.

Provides that a child under the age of 18 shall be immune from prosecution for prostitution and will be placed in the temporary custody of the state. This can occur after the law enforcement officer determines that a person under 18 is suspected of or charged with a violation, they must also immediately report an allegation of a violation to DHHS which will start an investigation within 24 hours under the Child Protection Act.

Section 3:
Solicitation of a minor is raised to a Class IV Felony from a Class I Misdemeanor. Depending on their prior conviction the perpetrator will pay a minimum fine not less than $250- $500 and must undergo mental health and substance abuse assessment.

Section 5:
Any person keeping a place of prostitution is guilty of a Class I Misdemeanor unless the person is under the age of 18 then the penalty is raised to a Class IV Felony.

Section 6:
The human trafficking definitions of labor trafficking and sex trafficking of minors and those over 18 is altered to match the federal definition more closely.

Section 7:
Small changes in the language of the definitions around sex and labor trafficking.

Section 11:
The task force created in the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice for the purpose of investigating and studying human trafficking will also study and recommend rehabilitation models for victims of human trafficking. They will use information from the Innocence Lost National Initiative. The task force will also seek input from areas of law enforcement, social services, the legal profession, the judiciary, mental health, and immigration.

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