TAKE ACTION | Build Public Pressure to End Bombing

The following email is from our national Peace & Justice affiliate Peace Action. Please take a moment to read about the survey they took and then take a moment to write a letter to YOUR editor!

Last week, we surveyed our online supporters on how Peace Action should respond to the crisis in Syria and Iraq. We asked for an assessment of the situation and the most important immediate steps to take to build a visible, vibrant opposition to the war in Syria and Iraq.

After one month of the bombing in Syria, the results confirm the importance of maintaining a steady stream of letters to the editor in local and online press to argue for a way out of the crisis. Two thirds of respondents said that media activism and public education are priorities.

Over 1,300 supporters responded to the survey. The results reflect an understanding of the longer term direction of U.S. foreign policy in the region. Over 90% called for a ban on U.S. weapons sales to countries in the Middle East.

The responses also show an understanding of what it will take to move public opinion and leverage political pressure on the administration and Congress to end the bombing and prioritize political solutions to the crisis of ISIS. Forty-four percent said that ISIS is not an immediate threat to U.S. security and the President should work through the United Nations to develop a global response to ISIS. Over forty percent said that the bombing will strengthen ISIS. The survey confirmed the bombing should end now!

Over 65 percent said that media activism is the most important immediate step to break the cycle of endless war in the region. Letters to the Editor is one tool that we, as a grassroots movement, have to build public opposition.

Peace Action and over twenty organizations are planning days of local actions during the week of Veterans/Armistice Day, November 11, focused on Congressional pressure through community delegations and street actions. Over 60 percent of our respondents believe the President must gain Congressional authority for the current military campaign against ISIS.

Please use our Letters to the Editor online tool which includes a draft of a letter and a list of your local media outlets. Sending a Letter to the Editor is a small but important step to build momentum to end the bombing and for a lasting political solution.

Humbly for Peace,

Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

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