Ten Facts You Should Know, That You Probably Don't Know

1) Attacking Iran would be a War Crime because it would be a war of aggression and a violation of International Law.

2) Iran possesses NO nuclear weapons.

3) Israel has approximately 400 nuclear bombs.

4) The US has approximately 10,000 nuclear bombs.

5) Iran signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, regarding nuclear weapons. Israel did not.

6) Iran has the right to enrich nuclear material under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

7) The US has bases and aircraft carriers surrounding Iran, capable of striking Iran at any time with nuclear and non nuclear weapons.

8) Israel has nuclear powered submarines capable of launching nuclear weapons at Iran at any time.

9) Iran has called for a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East and voted for it. Israel has refused to consider a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East, and was the only country in the world to vote against it.

10) Iran would have every right, under International Law, to strike back if attacked by Israel and/or the US. In the event that Iran is attacked there is the possibility that it would result in a wider war in the Middle East, causing more devastating human and economic consequences for the US and the rest of the world.

Stop a war on Iran! Take action! Call your Representatives and Senators at 202-225-3121 or click HERE. Tell them NO ATTACKS ON IRAN, END THE CRUEL SANCTIONS, AND TALK PEACE, NOT WAR!
Contact President Obama at www.whitehouse.gov, and give him the same message!

Source: Peace Action

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