Take a Moment to Thank Rep. Fortenberry

Rep. Fortenberry and 131 other members of Congress signed the following letter to President Obama about Iran. It discourages the president from militaristic actions given the new Iranian election. We encourage everyone to contact Rep. Fortenberry's office to thank him for his efforts to keep the United States from going to war with Iran.

Below is an excerpt of the letter that was sent by Rep. Fortenberry and his colleagues (Click HERE to see the full letter complete with signatures):

Dear President Obama,

As Members of Congress who share your unequivocal commitment to preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, we urge you to pursue the potential opportunity presented by Iran's recent presidential election by reinvigorating U.S. efforts to secure a negotiated nuclear agreement.

As you know, on June 14 the Iranian people elected Hassan Rouhani president with over 50 percent of the vote in the first round, overcoming repression and intimidation by the Iranian government to cast their ballots in favor of reform. Dr. Rouhani campaigned on the promise to “pursue a policy of reconciliation and peace” and has since promised “constructive interaction with the outside world.” As Iran’s former lead nuclear negotiator, he has also publicly expressed the view that obtaining a nuclear weapon would run counter to Iran’s strategic interests and has been critical of the nuclear “extremism” of outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

We are mindful of the limitations of the Iranian presidency within the country’s political system, of the fact that previous Iranian presidents elected on platforms of moderation have failed to deliver on promised reforms, and of the mixed signals that Dr. Rouhani himself has sent regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It remains to be seen whether his election will indeed bring significant change with regard to Iran's relations with the outside world. His government’s actions will certainly speak louder than his words.

Let's make sure Rep. Fortenberry knows that we appreciate his stance and that we support his efforts to avoid going to war with Iran.

His contact information is:

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, D-1
1514 Longworth House Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515
402-438-1598 (Lincoln)
402-379-2064 (Norfolk)
402-727-0888 (Fremont)

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