The "Y" Article

On April 8, the prestigious “Woodrow Wilson International Center” in Washington, D.C. quietly released an analysis by two senior special assistants to the Department of Defense’s “Joint Chiefs of Staff” on America’s strategic role in the 21st century. 

Writing under the pseudonym of “Mr. Y” and claiming to speak for no one but themselves, Navy Captain Wayne Porter and Marine Colonel Mark “Puck” Mykleby outlined in “A National Strategic Narrative” what Foreign Policy magazine described as “the Pentagon’s secret plan to slash its own budget.” 

As the preface to the 13-page “Y” article openly asserts, for the United States to become “the strongest competitor and most influential player in a deeply inter-connected global system,” we must “invest less in defense and more in sustainable prosperity and the tools of effective global engagement.” Our priorities must shift “from deterrence and defense to civilian engagement and competition.” 

“If Mr. Y’s treatise gains traction in Congress and the White House,” Paul Olson notes in his “Speaking Our Peace” column on Page 12 of the latest Nebraska Report, “it will change the whole debate about security and military spending.” 

That political “traction” will only occur, however, if the message of the “Y” article is broadly circulated and our elected officials are urged to heed it. The preface to “A National Strategic Narrative” is reprinted on Page 3. Read the entire document here.

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