Support LB 965 on the True Cost of Electrical Power

Senator Ken Haar's LB 965 addressing the true cost of fossil fuel-generated electricity by Nebraska's public power utilities will be debated on the floor of the Legislature starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1st. Please take a quick moment to call or email your state senator to urge their support for LB 965. The statement below, prepared by the Nebraska Sierra Club, provides more explanation about Senator Haar's bill. Telephone and email contact information for your state senator can be found HERE!

Beginning this week, the Nebraska Legislature will consider a bill to level the playing field for clean energy.

Currently, when considering future energy options, our state's public power districts do not take into account the full costs of relying on fossil fuels for power. The fact that fossil fuel generation requires billions of gallons of water every year, water that is vital to all life and is the lifeblood of Nebraska's agricultural economy, is not factored into these decisions.

It also ignores the many benefits that clean energy development can bring to the state -- an independence from dirty out-of-state fuel sources (Nebraska sun and wind are plentiful), the prospect of cutting-edge clean energy jobs, and the potential to lure forward-thinking companies like Facebook and Google to the state.

It's time to be smart with Nebraska energy dollars. Send a message now, asking your state senator to support LB 965 and level the playing field for clean energy.

We know that when Nebraskans are engaged, we make progress. Just last year, Nebraska's legislature took a step forward by offering incentives to wind energy developments similar to those often doled out to massive dirty fossil fuel projects. In Omaha, a groundswell of public support was instrumental in the Omaha Public Power District's (OPPD) announcement of the district's largest wind investment ever.

Still, Nebraska is far behind other states in the region when it comes to clean energy. In 2013, less than 5% of Nebraska's power came from wind, compared to nearly 30% in Iowa and nearly 20% in Kansas. By passing LB 965, senators can ensure that our state's power districts make fair assessments of the benefits of clean energy to make Nebraska more competitive.

Take action now: Urge your senator to support LB 965 to ensure that Nebraska's energy dollars are spent wisely!

Other states are moving forward on clean energy -- and thanks to your support, Nebraska is too. However, we can't catch up unless the true cost of power is assessed when making future energy decisions.

Thanks for all you do for Nebraska,


Ken Winston
Sierra Club Nebraska Chapter

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

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