Turn Off the Violence


Turn Off the Violence:
Opposing the Culture of Violence at Home

Project 1.1 Anti-Violence Work in the Schools
Project 1.2 Violence Against Women

The home and the classroom are the frontline of peacemaking. What children learn in the household and on the school grounds often prefigures the kind of citizens and neighbors they will grow up to be. Our hopes for creating a more just and peaceful society rest, accordingly, on what happens in these formative environments. From its inception, Nebraskans for Peace has emphasized the need for nonviolence education and training in public and private school curricula. The Legislature’s newly adopted educational mandates on school bullying and dating violence was a ground-breaking first step. But follow-up efforts to ensure that these policies are enforced and that teachers — as well as students — get the instruction and tools necessary to resist the option to violence will be essential. The task of confronting violence at the primary unit of society will remain at the heart of NFP’s work so long as we are a peace organization.