UNITY RALLY- POSTPONED Stop Nebraska From Becoming Arizona

We have just received word from Nebraska Appleseed that the Unity Rally to show our opposition to the Arizona-style bill introduced by Senator Janssen, LB 48, has been postponed due to snow and ice creating hazardous travel conditions tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. The rally is now scheduled for THURSDAY, 1/27/11. Please join us on Thursday the 27th to show that Nebraska values do not support an Arizona-style law in Nebraska.

It is imperative that our state senators start hearing immediately from their constituents at home that this legislation promises nothing but trouble and heartbreak for Nebraska.  The last thing our state needs now is to replicate the errors and horrors coming daily out of Arizona.

But we need to move fast.  The longer this bill stays around, the harder it’s going to be to stop.

Call your State Senator today…


  • THE ECONOMIC COST:  The State of Nebraska will waste millions of dollars in litigation attempting to defend the constitutionality of this law that clearly intrudes on the federal government’s authority.  Plus, expenses for local, county and state law enforcement will spike with the new responsibility of enforcing this misguided law.
  • THE SOCIAL CONFLICT:  This bill is guaranteed to create bad blood between residents and tear communities apart.  We don’t want every town and city in the state going through what the Fremont is experiencing.  The bad blood and social rift that’s developed in Fremont will haunt that community for years to come.
  • THE NEGATIVE PUBLICITY:  The social turmoil that will arise from this racially charged legislation can’t help but generate negative publicity for Nebraska.  And this kind of ‘bad press’ is ‘bad for business.’  No business wants to invest in a divided and controversial setting that could hurt its bottom line.
  • THE MISPLACED PRIORITIES:  At a time when the Legislature is having to cut almost a billion dollars out of the state budget, it’s a waste of state government’s time and resources to be spending any energy on a wrong-headed, socially divisive and almost certainly unconstitutional bill like LB 48.  Tell your state senator you want them working on the real problems facing our state—not trying to scapegoat immigrant children and their families.

And Attend the Rally at the State Capitol on Thursday, 01-27-11…

14th & Lincoln Mall
West side of state Capitol
01-19-11 at Noon!

LB 48 would be a political and economic disaster for Nebraska.

Let’s stop this disaster before it starts.

Mark Vasina

President, Nebraskans for Peace


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