UNO Chapter

UNO NFP was busy the 2009-2010 school year. We organized a Peace Week in the Fall Semester. Speakers included Frances Mendenhall from Stand Up For Omaha, who spoke about Cox Cable’s abuses of their contract with Omaha.  Jack Dunn came and spoke about Progressive Omaha and John Kretzschmar gave a presentation on labor unions and worker rights. NFP’s own Tim Rinne gave a great talk on Stratcom. The week culminated in an enlightening talk by Catholic Worker Frank Cordaro on Jesus as a worker for social justice. The week included free food and lively discussion.

UNO NFP continued its work of counter-recruiting. We set up impromptu tables whenever a recruiter was spotted and we got into some interesting discussions with them. We had a variety of materials ready, including alternatives to military service to pay college. It was great to see people’s reactions to us sitting side by side.

We also hosted monthly theater of the oppressed workshops, with UNO’s own world-renowned Professor Doug Paterson leading them. We got some new members this way and found new ways to reach out to the community.

One of UNO NFP’s leaders, Candella, spearheaded a campaign to get legislation passed regarding Pine Ridge/Whiteclay. We had pre-made postcards for people to sign that they could send to their state senators. It was a great success.

We also teamed with UNO ‘s Environmental club to push for a switch to corn-based plastics on UNO’s campus and expand recycling. People reacted overwhelming positively to this and got behind the efforts.

It was a busy year and we look forward to doing more on UNO’s campus.

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