URGENT ACTION | Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

On Tuesday, July 14 the world powers announced a deal over Iran's nuclear program -- and now Congress will weigh in. We're close to the finish line for this deal -- but Congress could still get in the way. This has been called "...the most consequential national security vote taken by Congress since the decision to authorize the invasion of Iraq." It is time for lawmakers to choose peace over war.

Send a message to your members of Congress today!

The peace deal reached on Tuesday with Iran, thwarting any nuclear weapon production, is one of the most important diplomatic accomplishments of the century so far. It demonstrates that intelligence, patience, creativity and an openness to conflict resolution can prevent war.

We don’t need to have a majority of the House and the Senate support what President Obama and John Kerry have negotiated, we simply need to prevent the House and the Senate from getting the votes for a super majority to veto this important work. The entire world community is supporting this and we don’t want this to be derailed because our legislators won't pass it. The US has to sign off on it or the whole thing is dead.

Send a message to your Congressional Representatives today!

We all need to make one final push to ensure that the peace deal makes it across the finish line. Congress is likely to vote to approve or disapprove the deal in the next 60 days.  Please make your call today!

Here is a sample script for calls to Senate and Representative offices:

My name and address is-----, and I am a constituant of (your Sen/Rep name). I am calling to say I support the agreement that the White House and the world community has negotiated with Iran to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapons program. I think it is important to support this agreement because , as the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown, a military solution is not the answer. They have unnecessarily cost us the lives of many American soldiers and hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars.

I want to go on the record urging (your Sen/Rep name) name to support this agreement because the alternative is only going to lead us into yet another pointless war and further endanger world security.

Thank you.

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July 16th 2015

- From my understanding there is very little chance of Congress meeting the votes required to override.