Valentine's Day News Conference to Call for Cutting the Military Budget in Half

This coming Monday, February 14, Nebraskans for Peace is holding a Valentine’s Day news conference at the State Capitol in Lincoln calling on Congress to cut the military budget in half. 

Just as the GOP-led House of Representatives is scheduled to begin debate on slashing government spending to reduce the federal deficit, four NFP spokespeople will make the case that Congressional deficit hawks need look no further than the U.S. military’s trillion-dollar annual budget.

Join us at 1:00 p.m. Monday, February 14, on the West Plaza of the State Capitol.

As UNL Economics Professor Hank Van den Berg; UNL Associate Professor of Accounting Linda Ruchala; former UNL Physics Professor Dan Schlitt who serves on the Friends Committee on National Legislation; and Terry Werner, executive director of the Nebraska Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers publicly detail why the Pentagon (rather than programs like education, Medicare, Social Security and aid to state governments) should be the primary target of any deficit-reduction efforts.

According to economist Van den Berg, “With the U.S. spending more on the military than the rest of the nations of the world combined, Congress can easily cut the military budget in half without harming our national security.  In fact, ending wasteful military spending will make us stronger economically.”

To cheer on our speakers and show public support for our deficit-reduction proposal, we need at least 50 people to turn out for the news conference and help hold the two big banners we’ve created for the event.

Join us if you can.  The weather forecast for Monday calls for temperatures in the 50s.  The whole event will be over in half an hour. And we can’t think of a nicer message to send on Valentine’s Day than to call for a 50 percent cut in military spending.

We hope to see you there.

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