TAKE ACTION | War is NOT Working, End Endless War

The following email is from our national Peace & Justice affiliate Peace Action. Please take a moment to read the message below and then let's take take a stand together and tell Congress WAR IS NOT WORKING! Contact your members of Congress TODAY!

In the wake of the election, we knew pressures would mount to escalate the war in Iraq and Syria. We had no idea that within a few days of the election, the White House would double down on the war, ordering twice the number of troops on the ground and requesting over $5 billion more dollars.

Call Congress toll-free today, 877-429-0678, and tell them: War is not working and is ineffective in addressing the threat of ISIS. (Click HERE to find your Nebraska Representatives.)

The President has asked for a debate and vote on an Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Instead of another endless war, Members of Congress should stand up in support of alternatives to bombing.

This week, Peace Action and over 20 national groups have joined together to jam the Capitol Hill switchboard with calls urging Congressional action for immediate steps toward political solutions to the crisis in Iraq and Syria.

Call Congress toll-free today, 877-429-0678, (or click HERE to find your Nebraska Representatives) to argue for alternatives to endless war, and for a sustainable, effective response to ISIS.

The U.S. can take immediate action to:

• Tighten loopholes in existing sanctions to help cut off ISIS’s funding streams;
• Condition U.S. support for the Iraqi government on success in stopping sectarian violence;
• Support renewed diplomacy, including local ceasefires, to end the Syrian civil war;
• Stop channeling weapons into the war (U.S. weapons have ended up in the hands of ISIS);
• Support civil society efforts to build peace and reconciliation at the community level.

Call Congress NOW, 877-429-0678, (CLICK HERE to find your Nebraska Representatives) to put an end to endless war!

In the coming weeks, we will call on you to join the vocal opposition to the war, and to help educate your family, friends and Congressional representatives that war is not the answer to the threat of ISIS. Please download these fact sheets and share them with others. Write Letters to the Editor. Track the costs of the war here: at http://bit.ly/ISIScounter

Power to the peaceful,
Judith LeBlanc
Field Director

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