What Are You Doing This Summer?

June 15 through August 2, 2011 | All Across Nebraska

Nebraskans for Peace member and 84 year old great-great grandmother Norma Fleisher is spending her summer touring Nebraska in hopes of ending the Death Penalty. Follow her journey. Join her when she drives through your area. She is an extraordinary woman and one everyone should meet.

She can tell you exactly how many Mondays she has stood at the Capital with her Abolish the Death Penalty signs. Twelve years of legislative session Mondays at noon. She has a nineteen year history of prison ministry. She’s attended hearings, NADP dinners, met Sister Helen Prejean, and visited death row. But her Monday vigils represent a personal, unflagging commitment to ending executions in Nebraska.

Now she talks excitedly of her next project----taking vigil to a new level. She has a spreadsheet: all 93 Nebraska county seats, 31 days.

“I think perhaps an eighty-four year old great-great-grandmother driving a nineteen-year-old Toyota stick shift, might arouse interest, if only to see someone that nutty.”

Her friend Jean Eden adds “courageous.”

Norma doesn’t intend to give speeches to crowds of people, but to open up a dialogue with ordinary Nebraskans about the death penalty. She told me, “For the first sixty years of my life, I was in favor of the death penalty….but the more I learned about the process, the more I was against it. I want to share my discoveries with others.”

Follow Norma on her 3,200 mile road trip this summer. We invite you to join Norma when she makes a stop in your area--and with the schedule she has there is no doubt she will be in everyone’s area at some point over the summer! She has a stop planned in each of Nebraska’s 93 county seats. Check out the list onthe NADP website to see whether she will be having breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your county.

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