Call for Sheridan County Residents to Voice Dissent Over Whiteclay Practices

The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission (NLCC) voted 3 - 0 to require all four beer stores in Whiteclay to re-apply for their licenses via the “long form.” Their decision requires the stores to apply as if they are applying for new licenses. This requirement opens the avenue to letters of protest to the NLCC by Sheridan County residents against the issuance of the licenses. In order for letters of protest to be heard, a total of at least three individuals must write them. We Whiteclay Activists are looking for three Sheridan County residents who would be willing to write letters of protest.

The Sheridan County Board is the first approval step in the “long-form” process. Each board member has the option to recommend approval, rejection, or to remain neutral. We Whiteclay activists are hoping for either rejection or neutrality in the board’s decision. After the applications are in, the County Board has 45 days to forward their decision to the NLCC. The NLCC is not required to follow their decision. Even if the County Board recommends denial of the licenses, it is still imperative to file the three letters of protest. We are looking for Sheridan County residents to voice their opposition. If you know people that live in Sheridan County, please pass this request on to them!

Again, are any of you or do any of you know a resident of Sheridan County? Please inform the State Office of Nebraskans for Peace or Bill Laird at

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