Message from John Maisch and Frank LaMere about Whiteclay

The following message is from our friends Frank LaMere and John Maisch. We hope you will attend one or more of the events listed to help bring justice to the victims in Whiteclay and the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

It is a pretty big step to have the Lincoln Journal Star's Editorial Board call on the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to revoke Whiteclay's four beer store licenses rather than the half-measures proposed by Whiteclay's beer store owners and others:

This happened because we insisted that Whiteclay's beer stores be shut down. We didn't compromise on that basic tenet. Budweiser and its distributors (Associated Beer Distributors of Nebraska) will be actively searching for a compromise, anything to keep those beer stores open: Alcohol impacts zones, police substations, detox centers. They've probably already met to plot those strategies.

We know that Budweiser and Budweiser distributors contributed over $11,000 to the chairman of the General Affairs Committee, the legislative committee charged with approving proposed changed to Nebraska's beer statutes, Senator Tyson Larson, in 2015 alone. That's a 600% increase over their previous year's contribution to Senator Larson. Budweiser and its distributors didn't increase their campaign contribution because Senator Tyson was in a tight re-election race. As a term-limited senator, he won his final legislative race in 2014 with 67% of the vote. They increased their campaign contribution because we started visiting Nebraska colleges, churches, and NLCC meetings to demand that Whiteclay beer stores be shut down.

The law is on our side, even if most legislators aren't. We know that the NLCC issued those beer licenses in violation of the ten-factor test set forth in Nebraska Statute 53-132(3). Now, we're insisting that the NLCC use that same statutory authority to revoke those beer licenses. The public pressure is working. We must double-down on those efforts. We must encourage everyone we know to participate in as many of try upcoming events as possible:

Whiteclay Prayer Vigil (Lincoln)
Wednesday, September 28th, 6:30 p.m.
Double Eagle Budweiser Distributorship, 5840 N. 70th Street (near Cornhusker Hwy)

Creighton University Film Screening
September 29th, 7 p.m., Harper Center Ballroom

Whiteclay Prayer Vigil (Omaha)
Friday, September 30th, 6:30 p.m.
Quality Brands Budweiser Distributorship, 13255 Centech Road (I-80 West, Harrison Street Exit #442)

Walk to End Whiteclay
Scottsbluff to Whiteclay
October 16th-22nd, 2016

Whiteclay Leadership Summit
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
October 20th-22nd, 2016

Pray for Whiteclay
Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thank you, everyone, for serving as a voice for those suffering as a result of Whiteclay beer sales. The struggle continues. We need everyone's help, especially over the next two months.

Please share with your organization.

John Maisch & Frank LaMere

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