Who We Are

NFP State Board of Directors
Kerry Beldin   (District 1 Rep.)
Miguel Carranza   Latino Research Initiative Liaison)
Henry D’Souza  UNO Chapter Advisor (District 2 Rep.)
Robert Epp  Ex Com-At Large Member (District 1 Rep.)
Marsha Fangmeyer  Vice President (District 3 Rep.)
Candella Foley-Finchem  (UNO Student Rep.)
Jill Francke  Secretary (District 1 Rep.)
Caryl Guisinger  Sierra Club Liaison 
Christy Hargesheimer  Amnesty International Liaison
Charles Holm   UNL Student Rep
Patrick Jones  UNL Chapter Advisor (At-Large Rep.)
Justin Kemerling  Website Director (At-Large Rep.)
John Krejci  UNA-USA Liaison
 Bill Laird  Catholic Social Ministries Liaison
Rich Maciejewski  (District 3 Rep.)
Patrick Murray  (District 2 Rep.)                                            
 Paul Olson  President (At-Large Rep.)                                         
 Byron Peterson  (District 3 Rep.)
Del Roper  (District 3 Rep)
Deirdre Routt  Vice President  (District 2 Rep.)                          
Linda Ruchala  Nebraska Peace Foundation Liaison                                                       A 
 Jay Schmidt  (At-Large Rep.)                                                        
 Nic Swiercek  (District 2 Rep.)
 Alex Stamm  (District 1 Rep.)
Hank van den Berg  (District 1 Rep.)
Mark Vasina  Treasurer  (At-Large Rep.)                            
Terry Werner  (District 1 Rep.)
State Board Advisory Committee Members
 Leola Bullock
Holly Burns
A’Jamal Byndon
Frank Cordaro
Frank La Mere
Rev. Jack McCaslin
Carol McShane 
Lela Shanks                                         
NFP Staff Members
State Coordinator
Tim Rinne
605 N. 26th St., Lincoln, NE 68503
402-475-7616 (h), 402-475-4620 (w)
Organizational Administrator
Susan Alleman
2441 S. 33rd St., Lincoln, NE 68506
402-327-0573 (h), 504-210-6968 (c)
Fundraising Coordinator
Brittany Crawford
1346 B St., Lincoln, NE 68502
402-641-3315 (c), 402-475-4620
Omaha Coordinator
Mark Welsch
P.O. Box 6418, Omaha, NE 68106
5611 Howard St., Omaha, NE 68106
402-558-0463 (h), 402-453-0776 (w)
402-477-5625 (Lincoln contact)

NFP State Board of Directors

Krista Burks (District 1 Rep.)
A'Jamal Byndon 
(At-Large Rep.)
Henry D’Souza  (District 2 Rep.)
Tessa Foreman (District 1 Rep.)
David Fuxa (At-Large Rep.)
Tom Genung Bold Nebraska Liason
Matt Gregory
Treasurer (District 1 Rep.)
Bill Laird  Whiteclay Awareness Committee Liaison (District 2 Rep.)
Rich Maciejewski  (District 3 Rep.)
Patrick Murray  Vice-President (District 2 Rep.)
Paul Olson  (At-Large Rep.)
Byron Peterson  (District 3 Rep.)
Del Roper  (District 3 Rep)
Judy Sandeen (At-Large)
Renee Sans Souci (At-Large)
Danielle Savington (At-Large)
Jay Schmidt  (At-Large Rep.)
Don Tilley UNA-USA Rep (Agency Rep.)
Ron Todd-Meyer  President (District 1 Rep.)
Brian Whitecalf Ex-Com Board Rep (District 3 Rep.)
Ryan Wishart (District 2)
State Board Advisory Committee Members

Kerry Beldin
Frank Cordaro
Robert Epp
Patrick Jones
Frank La Mere
Rev. Jack McCaslin
Mark Vasina                                  

NFP Staff Members

Tim Rinne: The State Coordinator for NFP, Tim has served in this capacity since he was first hired in 1993. A native Nebraskan who has lived in the state almost all his life, he has worked as a political organizer for progressive causes for nearly three decades.

605 N. 26th St., Lincoln, NE 68503
h. 402-475-7616, w. 402-475-4620

Susan Alleman: Susan has worked for NFP for since 2001 and is now the Organizational Administrator & On-line Communications Coordinator in charge of membership and financial management. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, she has been actively involved with NFP nearly as long as she’s been in the state.

941 O St., Ste. 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508
h. 402-327-0573

Brittany Cooper: NFP’s newest staff member, Brittany has been working as the Office Manager/Fundraising Coordinator since 2009.  Charged with the day-to-day operation of the office, she brings years of experience as a nonprofit phone canvasser to her post.

941 O St., Ste. 1026 Lincoln, NE 68508
w. 402-475-4620, c. 402-641-3315

Mark Welsch: The organization’s Omaha Coordinator, Mark operates the Omaha satellite office of Nebraskans for Peace.  His professional background in information technology coupled with his political experience as an organizer have been essential to NFP’s outreach efforts. 

P.O. Box 6418, Omaha, NE 68106
5611 Howard St., Omaha, NE 68106
w. 402-453-0776, h. 402-558-0463
NFP Omaha 1970 AT Gmail DOT Com

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