NFP Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Paris and Beirut

Nebraskans for Peace laments the ISIS massacre of more than a hundred innocent people in Paris and over forty in Beirut. No good can come of such harsh actions. On the other hand, we oppose any precipitous declarations of war by the Western powers.

We understand the desire of people in France, Britain, and the United States who may have lost loved ones, or allies to want to go into Iraq and Syria with ground troops to wipe out ISIS. They perhaps believe that such an action will prevent additional attacks in Western countries. However, as the failed invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq tragically demonstrate, this approach is unlikely to work. Retaliation with a bombing campaign plays right into ISIS's hands. It is what they are counting on for the recruitment of more terrorists and for the expansion of terrorist operations.

What will work is greater coordination within the world community and law enforcement to interdict these murderous acts. We believe that working to alleviate the dire economic situation of Islamic people in Syria, northern Iraq and much of the Islamic immigrant community in France and other places is likely to diminish the festering unrest and unemployment that feeds ISIS. We also believe that police reorganization, to promote better security in Western countries, as well as trade embargoes, to prevent ISIS expansion in Syria and Iraq, will help. These actions will do more than direct military attacks on the Islamic State, which will only exacerbate matters.

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Keystone XL Pipeline REJECTED!

On Friday President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, ending years of activist struggles to keep the pipeline out of Nebraska. Nebraskans for Peace would like to give a big shout out to all of the pipeline fighters in Nebraska and around the country! All of our efforts have paid off. The environment wins!

The Keystone XL Pipeline Defeat is One Goal in the Game,
and We're Way Behind

Bill McKibben
The Guardian
November 6, 2015

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Stealing Grapes & Beating a Camel Driver

by Paul Olson, President Emeritus

Recently the United States dead-ended the nuclear non-proliferation talks on eliminating nuclear arms in the Middle East. As each country would be required to reveal its store of nuclear weapons and its proposals for eliminating them, the United States pulled out to protect Israel’s clandestine 80-130 weapons cache. The event received almost no media attention in the U.S. Thereby hangs a tale.

I live alone. As is the wont of old men living alone, I channel surf and recently happened across “1913: Seeds of Conflict,” an account of Palestine in 1914. The quality of the show compensated for my many wasted hours of replayed sports chestnuts, reality-TV court battles, soap opera fornication, violence between superheroes and super villains, and generals sending cinema youth to war.

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2015 Annual Peace Conference

Securing Justice for Nebraska’s Diverse Communities

A Free and Open-to-the-Public Panel Presentation by Local Experts on Housing, Economic Opportunity, Education, Health & Legal Rights Issues

The 2015 Annual Peace Conference will be held Saturday, October 17 from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church, 5th & Elm Streets in Grand Island. There is no registration cost for this year’s program and everyone is welcome to attend both the morning panel and afternoon workshops for free. Meal reservations for the $10 per person Mexican buffet luncheon can be made by contacting the NFP State Office via email at, calling 402-475-4620, or by downloading the conference brochure by clicking HERE.

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Urgent Action Needed on Climate Resolution in Congress

A Congressional Resolution on climate just introduced by Congressman Chris Gibson, Republican of New York, may be the start of real progress in Congress.

There has been a seemingly insurmountable wall between Republicans and Democrats. Now, in a remarkable breakthrough, ten additional House Republicans have found the political courage to put their names on Gibson's Resolution. It calls for work to begin on economically viable solutions. It also affirms a moral responsibility to steward our environment and economy for vulnerable peoples now and generations in the future. Click HERE to read the Resolution.

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED -- this may be one of the most important things you can do about the climate crisis all year: Please call or email Nebraska's two Republican House members, and ask them to read the Gibson Resolution and consider co-signing it. Of course, it's better if you're from their District.

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